Apollo Portable Massage Chair Review

This portable massage chair from the Master Apollo is the most comfortable massage chair of the world. These have the thickest and largest cushions among the products which are available in the market. With just the lightweight of 18 pounds, it is an amazing chair which fulfills all the demands of the clients.  The massage chair is portable, it is handy wheeled which makes it easier to move the machine from one place to any other place. As the company makes only the best massage chairs, the company has detailed the massage chair with the features which are not available in the ordinary massage chair.


Portable Massage Chair Review


Users who are fully clothed can also use the massage chair without any hesitation. The cushions are over sized which are designed such that the support the bodies of all kinds, including the heavyweight users. This massage chair is safe and long lasting.




Apollo Portable Massage Chair Features

This comfortable massage chair offers the latest features for providing you exclusive massage by its component. All the bellow features provide you various type massages for relaxing and chill up your body.


Large and Thick Cushions

The massage chair has the thickest and largest cushions available in the massage chairs in the market. These thick and large cushions increase the comfort of the users. All kinds of the bodies and every kind of the body shape are supported by the massage chair due to these thick and large cushions. Even the persons with heavy weights and heavy bodies are supported by the massage chair just because of these cushions. All the cushions have the special SmallCell™ foam. Such kind of making of the cushions provides the highest density to the cushions while normal cushions are of very low density.

Aluminum Frame

The massage chair from the Apollo has the most modern Aircraft Aluminum Frame. This frame makes the massage chair extreme strong and durable. Also, the Aircraft Aluminum Frame is very light in weight, with only 18 pounds, which makes it easy for the users to move the massage chair.

Oil and Waterproof

The massage chair is made up of the parts which are waterproof and oil proof. You can simply clean the machine with the water as it is waterproof. In the case of water or oil dropping on the massage chairs, your product will not be affected at all. This kind of feature of the massage chair makes the massage chair very durable and reliable.

Portable Massage Chair


Adjustable Surfaces

All the cushion surfaces of the massage chair are adjustable. These cushions can be adjusted according to the demands of the body. As per muscle and joint requirement, the cushions of the massage chair can be adjusted to provide you with the best level of the comfort.


This framework is very compact and sleek which makes it easy for the users to place the machine anywhere in the house. The massage chair is made such that you can fold it and place it in the box. Such folding design of the massage chair is very useful when it comes to store the massage chair or you need to take the massage chair somewhere else.


Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair Pros and Cons


  • Comfortable Cushions
  • Durable; water and oil proof
  • Easy to move


  • Expensive as compared to other massage chairs.
  • Consumes high amount of energy.


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Recommended & Conclusion 

This product is recommended to the customers if they want the best massage ever. We listed here and recommended to you this massage chair for its portable massage system, long lasting materials, and reasonable price.  You can also read HUMAN TOUCH MASSAGE CHAIR review and also check the BEST MASSAGE CHAIR list in this year for more massage chairs.


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