Osaki Massage Chair Review Details

Osaki Massage Chair is the zero gravity massage chairs with the full function which characteristic different kind of the massage. This massage chair has the 6 auto and unique programs. These programs of the massage chair include healthcare massage, therapies, circulation promoting massage, relaxing massage, the smart massage, and the demo massage. All of these massage modes can be accessed through a single touch button.


Osaki Massage Chair Review


There are 6 techniques which aid the massage session, these techniques include Shiatsu technique, Swedish technique, Kneading technique, Clapping technique, rolling technique, and the Combo technique. The massage can be done in 5 different speed modes with the help of this massage chair. To give you the ultimate relaxation, you have complete control over the massage chair. There are also the automatic massage settings for the lower body and for the upper body. Users of the massage chair could manually change the massage settings for upper body of themselves with the three useful options which are the full body, the partial body, and the fixed body.




Osaki 4000 Massage Chair Pros and Cons


  • No resistance due to gravity.
  • Perfect for every kind of the body.
  • Easy to control


  • Requires professional maintenance.
  • Airbags for calves are painful.



Osaki Massage Chair Features

Osaki is one of the best massage chair brands in Amazon store and they hold this reputation for their quality and latest features in their massage chair. In the bellow, Best Chairs Inc experts show some features of this zero gravity massage chair.


Zero Gravity

This technology of the massage chair is very special and unique. This zero gravity technology of the massage chair reduces the pressure on the spinal cord and whole back. This system relaxes the neck and head to provide the true comfort. Such made of the massage chair increases the blood circulation in the body along with the increase in the oxygen levels in the blood. Also, the lung capacity is increased with the regular use of this massage chair just because it has the zero-gravity technology. You can also read the best zero gravity chair review with details features.


Osaki Massage Chair


Body Scan Technology

This massage chair along with the zero gravity technology has the body scan technology. The massage chair automatically scans the body and adjusts the rollers of the massage chair according to the body of the user. When the rollers are adjusted according to the body, the massage chair will provide the users with the perfect massage ever. After scanning the body, the massage chair automatically adjusts the width and height of the massage chair according to the height and width of the user of the massage chair. Perfect arrangement of massage chair will relax you in a very short session.


Air Bags

There are total 46 of the air bags present in the massage chair. The perfect movement of these airbags provides the user with the relaxing massage. These 46 airbags are spreading widely in the massage chair to work with your whole body which increases the enjoyment of zero gravity technology.


Osaki 4000 Massage Chair


S-Track Design

The S-Track Design of the machine is to meet the needs of the S curve of the body. This design works better with the human spine, providing him/her the perfect and effective massage.


Remote Control

All the features of the massage chair are accessible through the remote provided with it. You can easily handle the chair and massage program by the remote controller.

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Recommended & Conclusion

Osaki Massage Chair is suggested to the customers who need a perfect whole body massage. We recommended this massage chair for its long lasting materials with quality, latest features and human touch massage system. You can also check more Best Massage Chair list from here and read Human Touch Massage Chair review.


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