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In this details essay, Best Chairs INC specialists present the top and best three high chair reviews with details features, pros, and cons, so if you search the top rated and cheap high chairs for your sweet baby then stay with this details tune. High chair is another essential product for babies. Every parent wants to buy the best high chair for their cute children. But there are thousands of high chairs in the marketplace and all are not perfect for your baby. So before buying a high chair, you should read the details review and features.

We research lots of high chairs in the market then list this three awesome baby high chair. You already know, Amazon is the best market for high quality products. So we have listed the best 3 high chairs from the Amazon store. We have also written the details review of the three high chairs and show the features, specifications, pros and cons.  We select the three chairs depend on quality, material, price, features and user feedback. We hope you also like the chairs for your baby so let’s go to the review area.



Best Three High Chair Reviews

We try to present the details review of the chairs and we ensure you all the bellow listed high chairs are best and top rated in the Amazon store. So you can take any of the chairs from bellow without any doubt. But before buying the chair, you must check the price, features and customer review from Amazon.


Keekaroo High Chair Review

The Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Mahogany blends great functionality and sophisticated looks to become one of the most lauded baby high chairs out on the market today.

Weighing 19 pounds and measuring at 34 x 20 x 24 inches, this is a baby high chair that provides great comfort and stability. It is available in natural or mahogany-wood color so you can choose whatever fits best with your house’s interior color scheme. To take a closer look at its features and what you can get from them, read on.


keekaroo High Chair Review


Pros of the Keekaroo High Chair

  • Very stable
  • Reaches regular table height
  • Tray has a lot of space
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable Seat and Footplate
  • 3-Point Positioning Belt
  • Comfortable Backrests
  • Eating Tray with Cover
  • Cloth Cushion Seating


Cons of the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair

Unlike other baby high chairs the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair with Tray, Mahogany isn’t foldable, so it will take more space in storage. On the other hand, it looks really good, so instead of stowing it on the garage or basement, you can use it as a decorative or functional piece of furniture instead.


Features of the Keekaroo High Chair

Fully adjustable seat and footplate, ergonomic for proper body alignment- You can set up the Keekaroo Height Right High Chair to accommodate your child thanks to its depth and height adjustable seats and footplates. This means he can still use it as he grows up, thus cutting down your spending on baby or child furniture. Its ergonomic backrest promotes comfort and proper sitting posture.

Keeps your child secure and safe- This baby high chair has a three-point positioning belt that keeps your baby firmly secured to it while still giving freedom of movement- it is designed to provide the perfect balance between security and flexibility, allowing your child to stay on the chair without feeling stifled. You’re also sure that your baby won’t be exposed to harmful chemicals and other substances due to the fact that this chair passes the standards set forth by the Juvenile Products Manufacturer’s Association (JPMA).

Strong and durable- Because it is made out of Rubber wood and follows a very solid design, the Keekaroo Cheap High Chairs will last long and can take a lot of abuse. Its maximum weight capacity is 250 pounds, more than enough to support your baby’s weight as he grows up.

Convenient safety tray- This detachable tray provides ample space for your baby’s food. Being dishwasher-safe, it is a breeze to clean as well.

Amazing longevity- While other baby high chairs lose their relevance once your baby hits the school-age years, the Keekaroo High Chair with Tray, Mahogany is able to adapt and stand the test of time. Simply adjust the seat and foot plates to your child’s height and he’ll be able to use it like a regular chair.


This baby high chair is solidly-built, has great safety features, and looks great. It is, all in all, a great investment. In this high chair reviews article, this is the best and cheap high chair for babies.




Fisher Price Healthy Care High Chair Review

The Fisher Price High Chair is a baby chair with a fun design and great functionality, perfect for your baby. This baby high chair measures about 44 x 34 x 23 inches and weighs approximately 18 pounds. Aside from being built from high-quality materials that make it durable and strong, it is designed specifically to entertain and possibly educate your baby as well. Read on to get a more in-depth look at the baby high chair’s features and the benefits you and your baby can obtain from them.


Fisher Price Healthy Care High Chair Review


Pros of the Fisher Price High Chair

  • Easy to put together
  • Seven height adjustment options to choose from
  • Tray can be attached quickly and cleaned in a breeze
  • Toys give your baby fun and educational distractions
  • Padded Chair and Strap
  • Rainforest Toys complete with Sound Effects and Music
  • Detachable Tray
  • Multi-Height Settings


Cons of the Fisher Price High Chair

The Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe High Chair can seem a bit bulky to some people because even when folded it is about the size of a dining room chair. This is all just a matter of taste of course, and rest assured that the baby high chair makes up for this tiny detail with a lot of useful and convenient features with a very affordable price to boot.


Features of the Fisher Price Healthy Care High Chair

A variety of colorful, child-friendly Rainforest-themed toys and buttons for your baby to play with- The Fisher-Price Rainforest High Chair provides your baby eye-catching and entertaining distractions so you can leave him on it for a while with the assurance that he’ll be safe and happy while you’re doing your other tasks.

Padded chair and straps for maximum comfort- Because your baby’s comfort and posture are important, this high chair is specifically designed to provide him with seating that is both safe and soft, giving him an environment that’s comfy and conducive to rest and recreation.

A fun way to reinforce visual and sensory learning- The Fisher Price Cheap High Chairs colorful, battery-run, mobile toys and interesting sound effects provide your baby useful stimulation that keeps him engaged. Early exposures to these types of things are scientifically proven to enhance your baby’s talents and intelligence.

Maintenance features that make things easy for you- You can choose from seven different height settings and adjust the baby high chair to your needs. Cleanup is as breeze thanks to the detachable tray that is compatible with dishwashers. These little details help you save time and effort so you can spend them where it matters most- on your baby.

Compact and durable- The Fisher Price Healthy Care High Chair is made of strong materials that ensure its sturdiness, enabling it to stay useful for years. It is also designed to take up minimal space so you can place it virtually anywhere.


If you need a high chair for your baby that is fun, comfortable, safe, and functional then you should really consider getting the Fisher-Price Rainforest Deluxe High Chair. IT has great quality for the price and boasts some neat features that are up to par with other high-end brands.




Graco Contempo High Chair Review

The Graco high chair has proved to be among the safest and most compact high chairs available on the market today.

This highchair has the dimension of 32 by 23 by 42 inches and weighs 20 pounds. It is so compact that it fits your kitchen so well without being the big bulk in the small space. For more information about this equipment, below are several features and benefits you can win in owning one.


Graco Contempo Cheap high chairs


Pros of the Graco Contempo High Chair

  • Extremely comfortable padded seats and head support
  • No assembly required
  • Sturdy materials
  • Table easy to clean, dishwater safe
  • Stylish and functional baby chair
  • No assembly needed.
  • Easy clean-up table
  • Padded head support
  • Easily folds to fit your closet
  • Adorable leatherette seat design
  • Easy-snap trays sides
  • Dishwater-safe tray
  • One hand seat recline


Cons of the Graco Contempo High Chair

Owning this baby highchair practically has no cons except for the noticeable complaint of some costumers about its accessory tray insert that can be easily detached that their child throws and causes the distraction during feeding. This is just a minor setback about this equipment and is modifiable and can be resolved without the need for any replacements.


Features of the Graco High Chair

Easy to assemble- Essentially, the Graco High Chair needs no assembling which makes it easier for you use especially when you taking care of your baby without any assistance. This feature helps you save your time and energy and gives you more time with your child than with the equipment.

Manageable table trays- An easy snap table tray provides a wide space for your child’s eating utensils and toys to keep your child from messing up his/ her food while being preoccupied during feeding.

Cozy padded supports- Keeping your child still while in a high chair is difficult; sometimes this is due to discomfort. The Graco High chair gives you and your child the assurance of comfort and satisfaction.

Appliance safe tray- Keeping the table stain free yet appliance safe is difficult, with its dishwasher-safe tray; you need not to worry about melts and toxins that may destroy the tray or your dishwasher.

Safe seat recline- Added is an easy one hand seat recline that can help when your child bottle feeds. In this case, you need not to carry your child especially in a busy situation.

Compact structure- The Graco Contempo Highchair is built for your convenience. It’s easy to store feature keeps the hassle of having a big bulk in your room that eats the space for other appliances. It has easy compact folds that fit your closet or other storage space.

Easy to clean table- Some high chair table sips stain easily leaving it looking messy and unsanitary. But this equipment is made up of plastic seal and polyester that prevents stain to sip on the material.

Dashing seat cover designs- This equipment has replaceable seat covers that fit your style and is easy to wash and dry. No need for to bring the Graco Contempo Highchair to the laundry shop for dry clean. With its material, a cool light spin would be great in removing dirt and light stains.


When looking for a great deal in spending your hard earned money for your child’s needs and comfort, this equipment is worth buying. Aside from its stylish look, it is compact and easy on the pocket.




The Verdict about the Best & Cheap High Chairs

We hope, after reading this high chair reviews, you already select your preferred high chair for your baby. We again notify, you obviously re-check the chair details from the Amazon product listing page. If you not like the above chairs then you may also check the best high chair list from this article.


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