Top 8: Best Massage Chairs 2018 Reviewed & Buyer’s Guide

In this busy life, nobody has time to go for the exercise or a morning walk to make themselves relax and calm. People are becoming lazy and fat. They are exhausted after even a very small task. For such people massage chairs are designed. These massage chairs provide massage to the users and make themselves relaxed and calmed even after a very short period of the time. The best massage chair is the one which provides the massage to the whole body including neck, head, back, legs, feet and many more.

Best Massage Chair 2017

Best Massage Chairs 2017

The massage chairs also provide heat therapies which improve the muscle pains. The reason of writing massage chair reviews is to let you know about the features and peculiarities of the massage chairs, so that you can wisely choose the massage chair for you. Following are the top 5 massage chairs which are perfect and excellent in every aspect and feature.

Editor Recommendation: A Quick Look at the Best Massage Chairs 2017-

iJoy-2580 Robotic
(Budget Choice)

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Review

Editor Rating:
(4.4 / 5)

Osaki OS-4000 Heated
(Best Choice)

OS-4000 Zero Gravity Heated Reclining Best Massage Chair

Editor Rating:
(4.7 / 5)

BestMassage EC-06C
(Best Value)

Review of Shiatsu Massage Chair

Editor Rating:
(4.5 / 5)

7 Best Rated Massage Chairs Comparison Table-

Chair Name & Editor RatingKey Feature
Key Feature
Key Feature
Check price on Amazon
Osaki OS-4000 Heated Chair
Computer body scan systemWireless remote controllerSix unique auto-programs
iJoy-2580 Robotic chair
Built-in control panelHuman Touch massage system Three auto massage programs
BestMassage EC-06C Chair
Heat Intelligent roller system1 year limited warrantyMore than 30 air bags
Master Apollo Massage Chair
2" thick cushionCutting edge Aircraft Aluminum FrameWaterproof and oil proof
Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair
Zero Gravity position FacilityInvigorating air pressure systemFive pre-programmed massages
Inada Sogno Dreamwave Chair
Synthetic LeatherRobotic massage facility8 pre-programmed massage sequences
Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro
3D massage technologyDouble-heated massage facilityUltraKnea mode
Luraco iRobotics i7 Massage Chair
Smart touch remote control 5 different memory settings 5 levels of intensity controls

Benefits of a Massage Chair

Many different chairs may differ in their design and principles, but the overall theme of these chairs has some same kind of benefits which they are basically providing. Some of these are explained below:

Health Benefits of Massage Chairs-
Pain Relief-
Anxiety Aid-
Better Placement of Backbone-
Better Posture-
Better Blood Movement-
Better Invulnerability-
Comforts Sleep-
Controlled Blood Pressure-
Reduce Misery-

Top Rated 5 Best Massage Chair Reviews 2017

After analysis of the market, we’ve made a list of the best & top rated massage chairs 2017 based upon their features, comfort, design, and overall user ratings. So you can easily select your best chair massager from the bellow listed top rated massage chairs. After selecting a top rated massage chair, you obviously check more details like Features, Customer Reviews and Latest Price from the following link button under the end of the review.

#1. Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Review (Best Massage Chair 2017)-

In this massage chair reviews 2017, this Osaki OS-4000 is one of the good massage chair 2017 in the market for its features, quality and technology. Following are the details of the massage chair.

Osaki OS-4000 Massage Chair Review

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Technology: This zero gravity innovation of the massage chair decreases the weight on the spinal line and entire back. This framework unwinds the neck and head to give the genuine solace. Such make of the massage chair builds the blood course in the body alongside the increment in the oxygen levels in the blood. Additionally, the lung limit is expanded with the consistent utilization of this massage chair only on the grounds that it has the zero gravity engineering.

Osaki 4000 Massage ChairBody Scan Feature: This massage chair alongside the zero gravity innovation has the body filter engineering. The massage chair naturally filters the body and modifies the rollers of the massage chair as per the collection of the client. At the point when the rollers are balanced by the body, the massage chair will furnish the clients with the ideal massage ever. In the wake of filtering the body, the massage chair naturally modifies the width and tallness of the massage chair agreeing on the stature and width of the client of the massage chair. Impeccable plan of massage chair will unwind you in a short session.

Air Bags: There are up to 46 of the air bags in the massage chair. The ideal development of these air packs furnishes the client with the unwinding massage. These 46 air packs are spreading generally in the massage chair to work with your entire body which expands the satisfaction in zero gravity engineering.

The S- Design: The S-Track Design of the machine is to address the needs of the S-bend of the body. This configuration works better with the human spine, giving him/her the ideal and successful massage. [Read the Full Review]


#2. Ijoy-2580 review (Best Massage Chair under 1000 Dollars)-

This massage chair is very effective in use and ensures multi-seasons massage therapy for relaxation. Features of the HT massage chair are as follows:

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Review

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Auto Programs: This massage chair has the three auto-massage programs. You simply need to pick the one, which is best suitable for you. These three modes broadly cover your abdominal area to provide for you the genuine comfort. In the first mode, you can revive your whole again with the utilization of this massage chair. This mode will treat your entire back from different types of the torments. In the second mode, you can diminish your neck from the intense and long neck torments in a brief time of time with the assistance of this massage chair.

Control Panel: The control panel of the massage chair will be right in your grasp. This permits you to have longer massage sessions without any sort of interference. In the event that you need to change the mode of the massage chair, you can just change it from the control present which is open on the fingertips of the client.

Force Angles: With the assistance of this massage chair, you can alter the points of the massage chair as per your body position. You must bring down the once more of the massage chair as it will be more viable when it is brought down. Gradually alter the position of the once more until you get the ideal position.

Massage Softening Pad: The massage chair has the removable massage cushion. This massage softening cushion helps the clients to manage the serious agonies. [Read the Full Review]

Watch this Human Touch ijoy 2580 massage Chair under $1000 review from the bellow given video.


#3. Bm-ec06c Review (Best Shiatsu Massage Chair)-

If you need the perfect massage, this is the perfect choice for you. Following are the latest features & benefits of the Shiatsu massage chair.

Review of Shiatsu Massage Chair

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Recuperation Program: There are distinctive massage programs accessible in this massage chair. The recuperation system of the massage chair is exceptionally unwinding. Simply sit on the massage chair and set the massage chair for the recuperation program. After the 1 hour session of the massage chair, you will be feeling crisp and loose.

Long Sessions: Clients of this massage chair can have longer sessions without any inconvenience. It meets expectations superbly for a long time without making any specialized issue. Longer sessions from this massage chair will productively expel any sort of torment from your neck and will give you the best massage ever for the genuine solace.

Product Review of Shiatsu Massage Chair

Quality of Massage: You can control the quality of the massage according to your prerequisite. You can have the weaker massage and in addition the solid massage. Indeed, in any sort of the prerequisite, it satisfies every one of them.

Programmed Chair: The massage chair is completely programmed, you can control it through its remote. You can over the once more of the massage chair to slope or decay as indicated by your necessity.

Lower Body Massage: This massage chair chips away at the entire body. As the massage chair covers your lower body, it will offer massage to your thighs, feet, and legs. [Read the Full Review]

You can also watch the video about BestMassage EC-06C Shiatsu Massage Chair Review-


#4. Master Apollo Massage Chair Review (Best Portable Massage Chair 2017)-

This is the ideal massage chair for providing perfect massaging service to your body. Get to know the features of the chair below:

Portable Massage Chair Review

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Cushions: This massage chair has the thickest and biggest pads accessible in the massage chairs in the business sector. These thick and substantial pads build the solace of the clients. Various sorts of the bodies and each sort of the body shape are underpinned by the massage chair because of these thick and extensive pads. Indeed, the persons with substantial weights and overwhelming bodies are backed by the massage chair only due to these pads.

Portable Massage ChairAluminum Frame: The massage chair from the Apollo has the most cutting edge Aircraft Aluminum Frame. This casing makes the massage chair compelling solid and tough. Additionally, the Aircraft Aluminum Frame is light in weight, with just 18 pounds, which makes it simple for the clients to move the massage chair.

Waterproof: The massage chair is comprised of the parts which are waterproof and oil proof. You can essentially clean the machine with the water as it is waterproof. In the event of water or oil dropping on the massage chairs, your item won’t be influenced whatsoever. This sort of peculiarity of the massage chair makes the massage chair exceptionally solid and dependable.

Flexible Surfaces: All the pad surfaces of the massage chair are flexible. These pads can be balanced by requests of the body. According to muscle and joint necessity, the pads of the massage chair can be confirmed to give you the best level of the solace. [Read the Full Review]


#5. Cozzia 16027 Massage Chair Review (Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair 2017)-

For the people who need the good massage chair, this is the ideal product. Peculiarities of the massage chair are given below:

Cozzia Massage Chair

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Distinctive Massage Styles: This massage chair has the massage styles which are same as the expert massages which are carried out by the expert specialists. These assortments of massages keep the client of the massage chair in genuine comfort. Proposals distinctive massage styles incorporate Shiatsu Massage, massaging massage, tapping massage, moving massage, vibration massage and air massage. All these sorts of the massage help the client to get the massage of his/her decision at whatever point he/she require it.

22 Airbags: There are 22 airbags exhibit in the massage chair altogether. All these airbags manage the particular parts of the body. The body parts which are massaged by this massage chair incorporate back, feet, seat, neck, and calves. Overall, these 22 airbags massage every single critical piece of the assortment of the client of the massage chair.

Heat Therapy: The high-temperature treatment gimmick of the massage chair gives the hotness help lumbar warm muscles which give the unwinding and solace to the muscles.

Prearranged Sessions: There are 5 sessions which are prearranged in the massage chair to address everything the needs of the clients of this massage chair.

Simplicity to utilize: The massage chair can be controlled through the LED remote and it additionally has the gimmick of an auto clock. [Read the Full Review]


#6. Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair (Best Chair Massager 2017)-

Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is one of the highest and most viewed massage chairs of Amazon Store. This chair is designed with all the latest innovations and its measurements are 55 x 48 x 37 inches, as well as weight 264.6 pounds that origin in Japan.

Inada Sogno Dreamwave Massage Chair

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It provides full body like lower and upper side body massage coverage. This chair made with cool synthetic leather that guarantees a deep use. It’s built with 101 air cells that will give you super comfort while resting. It has powerful 13 Motor System with an intelligent roller system that will vibrate while massaging.

This chair provides 18 types of message. It also provides 8 preset massage programs: Morning, Night, Full Body, Full Body Air, Stretch, Quick, DreamWave, and Youth. You just need to press a button to select your desired massage program.

This chair will help you to get rid of tiredness with its Fatigue Relieving Adjustable airbag massage.

This chair also provides heat therapy that will warm your back and lower back during the massage. You can also set timing automatically with its auto massage modes. So take the best massage for your body by this best chair massager 2017.

Watch this Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair review from the following video clip.


#7. Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra (Best Panasonic Massage Chair)-

Panasonic EP-MA73 massage chair is one of the most comfortable and top rated massage chair. These Panasonic massage chair dimensions are 48 x 37.4 x 45.3 inches and weight is 212 pounds that origin in Andorra. It provides reductions from the fatigue, stress relief, tension, and enhances relaxation and movement. This chair made with high-quality leather pillows that guarantee a heavy use.

Panasonic EP-MA73 Real Pro Ultra Massage Chair Review

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It’s built with air ottoman system, advanced quad-style massage technology, and auto recline that give you support during the massage. It has a powerful motor System with an intelligent roller system that will vibrate while massaging.

This chair provides 8 manual massage operations, which are Hawaiian, Full & Regional Roll, Knead, Compression, Swedish, Soft Shiatsu and Tapping. You can also set timing automatically with its auto massage modes.

It provides 4 Pre-set Programs that include Shiatsu, Swedish, and Quick and Chiro Mode programs. You just need to press a button to select your desired massage program. This chair will help you to get rid of tiredness with its Fatigue Relieving Adjustable airbag massage.

You can adjust the program settings by using its easy-to-use Remote Control for a personalized program. You can select this massage chair without any hesitation because Panasonic is the one of Best massage chair Brand.


#8. Luraco iRobotics i7 (Best Robotic Massage Chair 2017)- 

iRobotics i7 Zero-Gravity massage chair measurements are 81 x 38 x 47 inches and weight is 280 pounds that origin in the USA. This chair provides zero gravity positions for that you can feel deep relax and painless body. And you can also easily change the angle of the chair depending on the type of massage you want.

iRobotics i7 Zero Gravity Massage Chair Review

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It gives you relaxation from anxiety, soreness, stress relief, and recreation and motion. This chair made with high-quality leather and strong structure. It’s built with Blends massage therapy techniques, technology, and entertainment that give you support during the massage.

It has a powerful motor System with advanced 3D Roller system provides a unique full body massage from head to toe. You can set timing automatically with its auto massage modes. It provides 9 Pre-set Programs that include Japanese, Swedish, morning, night, knead, compression, health care, and deep tissue.

You just need to press a button to select your desired massage program. You can adjust the program settings by using its smart touchscreen remote control for a personalized program. This is really best robotic massage chair in our list.


How to Use a Massage Chair

A chair that is designed to massage your body parts as simple massage chair gives massage to all body parts including the back, whereas there are also mechanical chairs available in the market now which have vibrators and motors as well for performing the operation.

  • Chair Massage is carried out in an ergonomically planned compact seat. Seat massage concentrates on the head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Massage specialists have the capacity to offer on location massage to numerous situations due to the convenience of the massage seat and customers don’t have to strip to get a seat massage. Because of these two variables, seated massage is frequently performed in settings, for example, trade work places, envoy thankfulness occasions, exchange shows, meetings, and other corporate settings.
  • A mechanical massage seat is a seat that contains inward electronic engines and apparatuses intended to massage the individual sitting in them. Most mechanical massage seats have some manifestation of a controller to shift the sort, area, or power of massage. Massaging seats most much of the time look like chairs. There is a wide range of sorts and brands, as well as office-style seats that work from interior batteries.

Function: A portion of the more seasoned massage seats worked just through back rollers and henceforth did not accompany shoulder, hip or lower appendage airbags. This permitted for all intents and purposes anyone, of whatever body stature or circumference, to fit in without any issues. Tragically, such seats are progressively being superseded by items that give much better massages and trying for one of the most seasoned items only in light of the fact that you’re not certain whether you will fit or not would be proportional discarding your cash.

Procedure of sitting: Before you make sense of how to utilize a massage seat by means of its controls, you must set yourself legitimately. While taking a seat, guarantee.

  • The body is pressed immovably against the seat pads.
  • The head rests tenderly yet solidly against the headrest.
  • The legs are not confined. If there should be an occurrence of leg cramping, you may need to expand the leg footstool margins.
  • Muscles are loose. Abstain from drinking, consuming, talking or actually moving your neck amid the massage, as this may cause the massage to lose its viability.
  • Arms are resting along the armrests at a loose plot. Moving the arm causes the shoulder muscles to work as well, so once you have entered in the massage inclination, keep the arm loose and straight.

Setting: When you are exhaustive and need massage strategies, you can select the settings to take into account an attractive massage methodology. Doing this is like utilizing a programmed framework, with the exception of that you will need to choose “Capacity” or a comparable catch on the reassure and afterward go through

  •  Speed
  • Force
  • Massage Points
  • Term
  • Massage Type
  • Music Sync

Best massage seats will be profiting the body utilizing certain science methods and distinctive frameworks have diverse standards on which they work upon however this item is a blessing for every one of the individuals who typically have torment in their body parts then this seat to unwind yourself.

The Final Word (Conclusion)-

A good massage chair gives relief from back pain, stress, tension, muscle aches, and pain. It will be a great investment for your health and body to buy a massage chair. I hope this review will help you to find the best massage chairs 2017 from the above massage chair reviews.

This list made and analysis by Best Chairs INC experts, so you can select any of them without any doubt.  You can buy any one of them and surely you will get better performance and comfort. So, I believe now it will be simple for you to make a decision which one is most excellent for you.

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