7 Cheap Computer Chairs Review in 2018: Benefits & Guide

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Finding a cheap computer chair can be challenging from two points of view. First, you probably know already that you get what you pay for. However, it does not mean that you cannot find cost efficient products. Finding them is up to you though. Keep in mind that what works for some people is less likely to work for you too. Take your time when researching products and remember that price should not actually be a quality indicator. Indeed, setting an available budget is a good idea, but you certainly have to dig deeper and consider multiple features and specifications.

Best computer chairs review

Second, no matter how cost efficient (for example, many features for a low price) a chair might seem, cheap computer chairs are supposed to match your necessities. This is probably the most significant step in the process. No matter how good a deal seems to be, it becomes terrible if it does not raise to your expectations. If you have back problems and your affordable chair has no lumbar support, you are about to throw money off the window. With these ideas in mind, it is obvious that researching your options is a second main priority in the process.


7 Best Computer Chairs Review in 2016

There are literally hundreds of top rated computer chairs in commerce that can make your life easier. Which one is more fit for you? At this point, you need to sit down and research their features, pros and cons. Go beyond the official specifications and do not fall for those specs promising your the world.

Offex HL-0001-GG Mid-Back Computer Chair (Our Pick)

Offex HL-0001-GG Mid-Back Computer ChairFlash Furniture’s chair is currently one of the most cost-efficient deals in commerce. Why? Easy. It has the basic features, some innovative upgrades, and an outstanding price. It has lots of reviews, so it sells like hot bread. The mesh is one of the first things to draw some attention. The seat back material is flexible and allows breathing. You no longer have to avoid the seat back in order to keep your back dry. A similar material is used on the padded seat as well, while the triple paddle control mechanism allows just enough customization.

The best computer chair for back has more levels of adjustability. It is fully swiveling and rests on five arms fitted with double casters for stability. As you look at it, it seems simplistic. It does not come with too much padding and it does not seem to “hug” you once you sit down either. But then, it is extremely comfortable. It is designed with both comfort and healthy standards in mind. As it has no random bells and whistles, its cost does not skyrocket either. In fact, this is one of the most affordable units in commerce.

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Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Computer & Task Chair (Best Choice)

Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Computer and Task ChairThe office unit from Boss Office Products is not just a top rated computer chair, but also a product with all the required features for a comfortable use. Basically, it has lumbar support for those who suffer from back pains. These are some of the most common problems associated with office work. Other than that, the waterfall contour seat raises the legs a little, only to relieve the stress on them. Apart from this innovative construction, the seat is padded and comes with a tweed fabric on top too. It is one of the most durable materials in office chairs.

As no office chair is perfect for everyone, this one comes with an adjustable height as well. The adjustment is pneumatic. It floats between 18-1/2 and 23-1/2 inches. The armrests are also adjustable in height. All in all, this best cheap computer chair can accommodate people weighing 250 pounds or less. Once you get it, you will need to assemble it. The entire operation is a matter of an hour or two, depending on how experienced you are in DIY projects. As if all these were not enough, it also has five legs with double casters for flexibility too.

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Boss Black Caressoft Medical Stool (Budget Choice)

Boss Black Caressoft Medical StoolWhile looking for computer chair reviews based on your necessities, you will inevitably run into this medical stool from Boss Office products as well. It does not necessarily look like an office chair though, yet it can be used in a wide plethora of situations. Most importantly, it makes an excellent option in medical environments, where specialists require arm flexibility. This is why it has no armrests. It is upholstered in quality Caressoft fabric for a simple maintenance. The seat height is obviously adjustable on a six-inch range – 34.5 inches to 41 inches. Other than that, it has a seat back, which is cushioned for extra comfort.

The chair sits on five legs, which are fitted with double wheel casters. The movement should not be a problem. Both the base and these legs come with a chrome finish. It is not just good looking, but durable too. All in all, this model looks a bit simplistic, yet it has everything you might need as a medical expert. It does not have armrests, but you need arm freedom. At the same time, it comes with all the features required for a comfortable office job, so give it a shot.

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Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG Mid-Back Computer Chair

Flash Furniture GO-ST-6-BK-GG Mid-Back Computer ChairFlash Furniture does know what comfort means in an office chair. From this point of view, it is known for producing cheap computer chairs without sacrificing comfort and quality. The black fabric upholster is comfortable and easy to maintain. Adjustability features are not to be overlooked either since they can seriously add to the user’s comfort. The GO-ST-6-BK-GG model has an adjustable tilt position, as well as a mechanism to lock the tilt in the right position. Believe it or not, there are plenty of high-end and luxury office and computer chairs that do not allow tilt adjustment.

It is also worth noting that this chair supports users weighing 250 pounds or less. It has a pneumatic seat height customization, as well as nylon arms. The base carries similar characteristics, only it is made from heavy duty nylon. The foam used in its composition is CA117 fire retardant. Worried about flexibility? There is nothing to be concerned about. This best ergonomic computer chair has double wheel casters. They are solid and slightly wider than what you might find in other units. Therefore, moving around should not be such a hard job, not to mention the floor maintenance.

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Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Chair

Boss Fabric Deluxe Posture Computer ChairThis computer chair is, indeed, one of the best cheap computer chairs with the heaviest amounts of features. It may not ask for a fortune, but it will take your office job to the next level – durable, comfortable and good looking. It is made of 100% polypropylene. The material is durable and less likely to give up too soon. However, remember that the seat can only accommodate 250 pounds. It requires assembly, but the entire operation should not take more than an hour. It is simple and only needs a few basic tools.

When it comes to the actual comfort, you have two body molded parts. Both the seat and the back are built with the human body in mind. Despite the simplistic appearance, the chair is ready to face everyday wear with no issues at all. Its height is obviously adjustable, while flexibility is given by five casters. Worried about the maintenance? Skip it. You have to do it according to how often you use the chair. You only need some clean water and a mild soap if you want your chair to look brand new.

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Basyx By HON HVL210 Chair For Computer Desk

Basyx By HON HVL210 Chair For Computer DeskIt is a simplistic computer chair that will not impress you with its actual appearance, but the small features and details. The sandwich mesh upholstery adds to the breathing capability of the skin, so you are less likely to sweat and get your shirt stuck to the back. Such things become history. The frame is sturdy and designed to take all kinds of abuse and adjustments.

This model can be adjusted for the perfect position. The height adjustment is based on a pneumatic mechanism. As for the tilt tension, it also allows a deep customization, as well as people of all sizes. The chair fully swivels to 360 degrees for extra flexibility. What makes it even better is the fact that your size is irrelevant. The seat is not just wide, but the chair does not have any armrests either, so overweight users will love it.

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WorkSmart Faux Leather Manager’s Chair

WorkSmart Faux Leather Manager’s ChairComing from Office Star, this is one of those models that simply hug you as you take a seat. The best ergonomic computer chair is extremely cost efficient if you count its construction and features. Basically, it comes with fake leather, as well as built-in lumbar support. Lumbar support is no longer needed for those with back problems only, but for everyone. Preventing is a lot better than healing. Besides, back pains caused by an unhealthy lifestyle cannot be medically treated.

All in all, the height adjustment adds to your possibility to maintain a healthy position too. You got an adjustable tilt tension and locking tilt control. The padding is not limited to the seat and back only, but also to the arms. Everything about this unit is large, so comfort is unbeatable, especially at this price. As for the base, it is entirely made of heavy duty nylon. It has dual wheel carpet casters. Moving around is the piece of cake without damaging carpets or scratching floors.

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Find Out Why You Need a Good Computer Chair

A good computer chair is likely to prevent a series of health related complications. A bad posture can harm you in several ways. For example, you risk facing a slipped disk, chest pressure, and even a bad circulation. These issues are less obvious. Some others are more common, including back pains. Ignore these problems for too long and you will end up with a slipped disc. At that point, you will no longer be able to straighten your back, so you will maintain a permanent slouch the last thing you want at this age.

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On a different note, a quality computer chair will also facilitate breathing. It is easy to tell why. A healthy posture keeps the airways free and enables you to breathe by the book. To some people, it might be irrelevant. To many others, such a small change will bring in a major change in the amounts of air they can inhale. It is one thing to breathe when slouching and a different thing to breathe when sitting up straight. This is also why many practices (like yoga or meditation) demand a top-notch posture.

Find Out Why You Need a Good Computer Chair

Since you work in an office, you should know that a good computer chair will improve your thinking capabilities, focus, and concentration too. The brain requires about 20% of the oxygen you inhale for a good functionality. You gain more air, so you give your brain more oxygen. As this is the brain food, you inevitably end up with more ideas, a more creative approach and an obvious increase in your productivity. To some people, these things look irrelevant, yet they work wonders in the long run.

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Finally, finding the best computer chair is not all about health standards, but also about your overall appearance. You want to look attractive and smarter. Picture yourself slouching and then picture yourself with a straight back on the right chair. As a direct consequence, you also feel way better about yourself.


The Final Words about Best Computer Chairs Review

In conclusion, cheap computer chairs do not necessarily have to come with cheap features. Some units are extremely cost efficient, but they also have lots of reviews. They obviously sell, yet it is your responsibility to identify them before spending any money. Pay attention to their features, as well as your personal necessities and expectations. You should know that they are usually available in other colors too, yet they might be sold as independent products.

As a short final conclusion, a computer chair is not only about finding something to sit on but also about boosting your overall health and preventing a series of unwanted problems. It also works on your productivity and efficiency at work.


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