Best Chair Buying Guide by Best Chairs INC Experts: Chairs are an integral part of our day-to-day life. Though chairs are used in every walk of our lives, the importance of having the best chair is often ignored. Having a good chair will make you feel more comfortable even when you are seated for a long time. You will feel more relaxed and convenient.

Best Chairs INC - The Ultimate Chair Buying Guide

A good chair also protects you from a possible backache or neck pain. There are various types of chairs like the office chair, gaming chair, high chair, office chair, etc. Each of these chairs is designed to be used for specific purposes. In this article, we have taken efforts to choose the best chairs 2018 under each of these categories. Before reviewing them, let us look the key factors to consider before selecting the best chair.

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Each of you may have a different purpose for chairs. But there are some common features that any good chair is expected to have. The following points will highlight these features in brief.

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Review of  Different Types of  7 Best Chairs

#1. BestOffice High Back Chair (Best Office Chair 2018)-

BestOffice High Back Office Chair (Best Office Chair 2018)-

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You may like BestOffice High Back Office Chair for the following Features:

  • It is made of soft PU leather upholstery.
  • It comes with a 360-degree swivel.
  • The maximum weight allowed is 250 lbs.
  • Its height can be adjustable from 19” to 23”.
  • The seat size is 20” W x 28” H.
It is one of the commonly bought office chair. The reason is not just that it is affordable. Many have reviewed this chair to be very comfortable. It is an apt office chair that comes with a simple design. It uses a soft PU leather upholstery. It also comes with ample padding. As it is water or oil resistant, you need not have to worry about cleaning the chair. It comes with adjustable height and therefore comes handy for different people with varying height.

The chair comes with 360-degree swivel adding more comfort to the user. The armrests are designed to be more comfortable. Though it is a bit heavy to be lifted, it can be easily moved from one place to another with the five wheels provided at the base.

    Pros of the Product

  • The assembly is easy.
  • It reclines well.
  • The adjustable seat is movable in vertical direction.
  • It swivels in a smooth way.
  • It is water resistant.

     Cons of the Product

  • It is made of cheaper leather.
  • The lumbar support is limited.
  • It is heavy.

If you are looking for a cheap and best office chair, go ahead with this product. As it comes with simple design and water resistant feature, it will work well in a long run.


#2. X Rocker 51396 Pro (Best Gaming Chair 2018)-

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

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You may like X Rocker 51396 Pro for the following Features:

  • It is wireless and connects with multiple chairs.
  • It has two speakers and a subwoofer.
  • It has a built-in wireless receiver and transmitter.
  • It has gunstock arms and tilting pedestal.
  • It is used for various activities like gaming, listening to music, reading, etc.

This gaming chair from X Rocker has some of the astonishing features. It has a wireless technology, wherein you can connect with the other similar gaming chairs. This will boost up the gaming experience. The gaming chair is accompanied with two speakers and one subwoofer. It uses the 2.1 AFM technologies and gives an ultimate sound immersion experience. The product also comes with optional RCA cables. These cables can be used if you desire to connect your gaming chair with other sources with RCA stereo outputs.

But you can even connect wirelessly as the chair comes with built-in wireless receiver and transmitter. The chair comes with gunstock arms. The pedestal has both tilting and swivel capability. Other than games, you can even use the chair for watching TV, reading, listening or just relaxing.

    Pros of the Product

  • Sound and vibration are superior.
  • It is comfortable.
  • The posture is good with this gaming chair.
  • It can be easily set-up.
  • It is moderately priced.

     Cons of the Product

  • The lean back feature is limited.
  • The transmitter is not accompanied with the power charger.
  • The arms are of lower quality.

If you are an enthusiastic game player, don’t miss to check this product. As it comes with various attractive features, this gaming chair is sure to enhance your gaming experience.


#3. iJoy-2580 Robotic Chair (Best Massage Chair 2018)-

Human Touch iJoy-2580 Massage Chair Review

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You may like iJoy-2580 Robotic Massage Chair for the following Features:

  • It includes auto-massage programs.
  • It has a built-in control panel.
  • The chair also comes with the built-in power outlet.
  • The power recline feature aids in better massaging.
  • It has a cup holder.

This massage chair from iJoy-2580 has various amazing features in it. The auto-massage programs will help you to choose the appropriate massage you need. Some of them include the refresh entire back, relieve neck and shoulders and release lower back. Therefore, you can select the mode of massage to enjoy a specific massage program. The control panel is located right at your hands. You need not have to stop your massage while personalizing the controls.

This makes sure that you are relaxed at the massage, at the same time, make necessary changes in the control panel. The removable massage softening pad helps in determining the massage intensity. In addition, the power recline will help you to adjust the angle of the massage chair. This further refines the massage intensity. With the cup holder, you can enjoy your drink while you experience the massage.

    Pros of the Product

  • It works well in all sitting posture.
  • It is portable.
  • The controls are easily accessible.
  • It is light in weight.
  • It works well for a prolonged time period.

     Cons of the Product

  • It is not suitable for tall people.
  • A few massage settings are monotonous.
  • It is too low to the ground.

If you are looking for a good massage chair at a reasonable price, do check this product. As it is very compact and offers various massage programs, you will surely develop a liking for this massage chair.


#4. Sport-Brella Recliner Chair (Best Beach Chair 2018)-

Sport-Brella Recliner Chair Best Beach Chair

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You may like Sport-Brella Recliner for the following Features:

  • It has adjustable recliner hinges.
  • The umbrella comes with UPF 50+ protection.
  • It has a built-in insulated pocket.
  • The canopy has a three-way swivel.
  • Its capacity is 250 lbs.

This recliner beach chair from Sport-Bella has various comfort features to offer you. The recliner hinges have three adjustable options. Some of the seating positions to which you can adjust the chair include sitting up, laying back, putting your feet up with the detachable footrest. The umbrella comes with the protection guard against UV rays. The metallic undercoating comes with UPF 50+ protection. It also comes with safety tips for protecting your eyes. The chair has various facilities like insulated pockets, cup holder, and storage pockets.

These ensure that all the refreshments are at your fingertips. In addition, the zippered storage pocket comes with a bottle opener that is built-in. It is made of lightweight steel making it easy to transfer from one place to another. It is designed to be carried for long distance travel as it occupies less space when folded.

    Pros of the Product

  • It comes with built-in footrest.
  • It has an adjustable and collapsible umbrella.
  • It does not involve any assembly.
  • It can be easily carried in the bags.
  • It is robust in construction.

     Cons of the Product

  • It is a bit heavy.
  • The umbrella is not broad enough.
  • The material used for umbrella is very fragile.

This recliner chair will be a right option for you if you are a frequent traveler. You can relax on this chair and enjoy your vacation with family and friends. As it comes with various add-ons, it will turn your travel into a memorable one.


#5. Graco Blossom High Chair (Best High Chair 2018)-

Graco Blossom 4 in 1 Best High Chair Review

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You may like Graco Blossom High Chair for the following Features:

  • It is a four in one high chair that satisfies the growing needs of the kids.
  • It can be used both as toddler booster seat as well as youth high chair.
  • It has six height positions and three recline levels.
  • The tray is removable and dishwasher-safe.
  • The seat back insert is removable.

This highchair from Graco is one of the best product you can have for your child. It comes with four different modes of use. You will find that this high chair will address the growing needs of your kid as they grow. It has an innovative design feature that will accommodate two kids at a time. This means that the highchair and the toddler booster can be used at the same time. If you are a parent of two kids, you will really appreciate this feature. The high chair can be customized to six different height positions.

The three recliner levels increase the adjusting capability of the high chair. The removable tray helps you to clean up the mess with ease. It can be easily removed with just one hand. The high chair is convertible, meaning, you can use the very same high chair right from the infant age up to the time, and your child will be a kid. This is possible with the removable seat back insert.

    Pros of the Product

  • The fabric is easily cleaned.
  • It is easily moveable.
  • It is robust.
  • The chair can be easily assembled.
  • It has multiple seating options.

     Cons of the Product

  • The seat belts cannot be detached.
  • The placement of tray is a bit far from the kid.
  • It is bulky and occupies a lot of space.

This high chair is a perfect choice if you are looking for a safe and secure product for your kid. As it can be used in a long run till you baby grows big, it is a wise investment. The product has various amazing features and it is indeed a good idea if you decide to buy this high chair for your baby.


#6. Roundhill Accent Chair (Best Cheap Accent Chair 2018)-

Roundhill Furniture Best Accent Chair for Bedroom

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The Roundhill Accent Chair has the following Features:

  • The seating is oversized.
  • It is made of kiln dried hardwood.
  • The dimension of the chair is 27”W x 31”D x 34”H.
  • It is comfortably designed with blended leather.
  • It is available in a couple of colors.

This accent chair from Roundhill has various notable features. It is much larger in size but is very elegant in looks. As it is designed with some of the finest materials like kiln-dried hardwood frame, it looks promising. The seat’s back is accompanied with the decorative line tufting making it more appealing. The legs are made of wood and perfectly match with the simple design of this luxurious chair.

Though you may have to invest some time on its assembly, it is simple to do. You have the option to choose the desired color as it is available in four different colors. The basic features remain the same but there can be minute changes based on the color you choose. The product comes with all the necessary hardware needed for the assembly.

    Pros of the Product

  • It is wider and larger.
  • It is durable.
  • It can be easily assembled.
  • It is comfortable.
  • It is affordable in price.

     Cons of the Product

  • It is made of cheaper materials.
  • The front leg screws are short.
  • It might be a bit lower for few people.

If you are looking for an affordable but rich-looking accent chair, this should be a wise option. As it comes in a larger size, it is suitable for almost all the people.


#7. Offex Mid-Back Chair (Best Computer Chair 2018)-

Offex HL-0001-GG Mid-Back Computer Chair

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You may like Offex HL-0001-GG Mid-Back Chair for the following Key Features:

  • It is made of foam, mesh, nylon and steel.
  • The seat size is 19”W x 17” D and the back size is 17.5” W x 21” H.
  • It comes with triple paddle mechanism.
  • It is available in a variety of colors.
  • It weighs about 39 lbs.

This office chair from Flash Furniture has various beneficial features. It is very much adjustable that you will fall in love with this chair. As it comes with triple paddle mechanism, you can have a good control over the back angle adjustment, tilting, and pneumatic seat lifting. As it comes with a good height, it is very suitable even for tall people. It is made of durable materials like nylon and steel. Hence, you can be assured of the extended lifetime of this office chair.

This chair is designed to give the right support for your back when you are working on your computer. As it comes in various vibrant colors, you have multiple options to choose the best one for you. This company is known for their perfect product delivery. Hence, you can be assured of a flawless delivery.

    Pros of the Product

  • It is very comfortable.
  • It is easily adjustable.
  • It is available in affordable price.
  • It is very suitable even for tall people.
  • The assembly is very easy.

     Cons of the Product

  • The materials used for construction is not very robust.
  • It lacks lumbar support for long hours of working.
  • It has a limited lifetime.

If you are looking for an office chair, give this product a try. As it comes with all the necessary features of an office chair, we are sure that you will have a happy purchase with this product.


Best Chair Company (Search by Best Chairs INC)-

Coleman: Coleman is a notable brand that comes up with a variety of chair products. They mainly deliver products that will be suitable for outdoor activities. Henceforth, the Coleman chairs include those used during activities like camping, boating, hunting, etc. Name any chair for your leisure activities and you have it in Coleman.

Office Star: Office Star is one of the top furniture company that produces a variety of furniture products. You have every kind of chair with this brand. It manufactures office chairs, upholstered chair, metal or plastic chair and even dining chairs. It is family-owned firm and strives hard in providing good quality furniture across the world.

Flash Furniture: Flash Furniture comes up with a varied range of chairs that will lead you to exhaustive search. The firm is known for its efficient and quick delivery of the products through its well-organized shipping program. Once you shop with Flash Furniture, you can be assured of the product being shipped with utmost care.

The Final Word (Best Chairs INC)-

Having discussed all that, you would now have got a better idea of buying the best chair for your needs. In addition, you would have also understood the importance of buying the best chair. All the products that we discussed here some of the best selling chairs on Amazon.

We are pretty sure that some or the other product mentioned here will address your demands. Having got some idea on best chair brands, it will further simplify your search for the best chair. Hence, it is beyond doubt that you will succeed in finding the best chair, be it for personal use or for leisure activities.

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